Roxie, The Vote

Susan Gerhard October 6, 2006

Who wants to marry a millionaire? Twenty five Bay Area landmarks — ranging from the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station to the Tilden Park Carousel — are squeezing into their bustiers for a mad American Idol-style vote to see who gets access to $1 million in preservation grants from American Express. Among the hopefuls are two venerable theaters — Roxie Film Center and Fox Oakland — competing against other houses of worship, such as the First Church of Christ, Scientist, currently holding first place, and historic destinations like Angel Island Immigration Station. Unlike the votes in most states of the union, this one encourages participants to cast their ballot daily.

Cases for each location are being presented on the Partners in Preservation web site, where testimonials from individuals who feel strongly enough to write are also building. As of Thursday, the 1928 Art Deco Fox was coming in at third place, the 1906-ish Roxie — already restoring its storied marquee — was holding down number 11.

Here are the top 11 as of Thursday.

1. First Church of Christ, Scientist
2. Angel Island Immigration Station
3. Fox Oakland Theater
4. Pigeon Point Lighthouse Station
5. Outdoor Art Club
6. Casa Grande
7. Japanese YWCA Building
8. Tilden Park Carousel
9. Richmond Municipal Natatorium
10. Lyford House
11. Roxie Film Center