Food, Funding

Susan Gerhard February 7, 2007

“Most newspapers, when alerted that a long-awaited film is about to open, send an entertainment reporter out to interview the stars or director,” writes sometime correspondent Miriam Wolf on Chow’s media blog, The Grinder. “But at Scotland’s Sunday Herald, they do things right. To shed light on the new film that follows everyone’s favorite Chianti drinker, Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal Rising, the paper deployed not a tasteful critic or breathless celeb interviewer but Timothy Taylor, an archeologist specializing in the extremes of human behavior. The resulting article, “Nice to Eat You,” is a historical, cultural, and scientific look at the practice of cannibalism.”

“Not eating your friends after they have died,” notes Wolf, “is a relatively new invention.”


Twin funding announcements — Frameline’s $40,000 of grants to a variety of new LGBT projects and Sundance‘s $600,000 worth of grants to international documentary projects — may give industry observers in a state of post-traumatic Sundance disorder something new to talk about. Among the lucky winners, some of the SF Bay Area’s hardest working artists: Deann Borshay Liem, Sam Green, and Carrie Lozano.