The Roxie, Resurrected

Susan Gerhard March 10, 2006

The drama at the Roxie has never been exclusively on-screen. But while the deus ex machina that delivered the theater from its latest financial crisis could be considered a Hollywood ending, the new Roxie Film Center – now in a partnership with New College, just down the street on Valencia – has no plans whatsoever to change its extremely non-Hollywood tune. caught up with the Roxie’s longtime owner, Bill Banning, who opens local filmmaker Kevin Epps’ indie “Rap Dreams” tonight on screen two, joined by Oscar-nominated “Street Fight” on Saturday. An Irish Film Festival touches down on screen one Friday, with the return of “CSA: Confederate States of America” for the rest of the week.

What, we asked, are the Top 5 titles to pass through the theater over the past two decades?

1. “Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh,” $2.4 million
2. “Red Rock West,” $2.3 million
3. “Rivers and Tides,” $2.25 million
4. “Kurt and Courtney,” $800,000
5. “Nico Icon,” $500,000