Your Al Gore, and More

Susan Gerhard October 12, 2007

Congratulations, Al: Not only are you a star of the silver screen, and, of course, ex-Vice and still possibly future President, you are the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. And, also, thanks: You gave the San Francisco Bay Area the honor of being here when the Award was announced. You’ll need to be expanding your trophy shelf to fit not only the Oscar you won for “An Inconvenient Truth” last year, and the Emmy you picked up for Current TV, to make emotional space for the Peace Prize and all the power it confers. (Note of interest from David Hudson at GreenCine: Gore is not the first to receive both Oscar and Nobel prizes.) In your honor, has compiled a very short — and extremely incomplete — list of environmental filmmakers we hope will one day find a Peace Prize coming their way, too. Additions to the list from readers encouraged, below….

1. Judith Helfand (“A Healthy Baby Girl,” 1997, “Blue Vinyl,” 2002, “Everything’s Cool,” 2007)
2. Werner Herzog (“Lessons of Darkness,” 1992)
3. Chris Paine (“Who Killed the Electric Car,” 2006)
4. Hubert Sauper (“Darwin’s Nightmare,” 2004)
5. Godfrey Reggio (“Koyaanisquatsi,” 1982, “Powaqqatsi,” 1988, “Naqoyqatsi,” 2002….)