Voting Protection-Related Sites

Susan Gerhard September 15, 2006

Just how many hours would you stand on/sink into a muddied path in the rain to cast your vote for President? The morning newspaper headlines had already been written as observers of the past Presidential election continued to fight to keep doors open for the long lines of voters sacrificing the major part of their day and night to cast their ballots. The backups were no accident, as Ian Inaba discloses in his new documentary, “American Blackout,” which opens at Bay Area theaters today. They were part of what Inaba shows to be a calculated effort to keep the African American vote as small as possible. With “American Blackout,” Inaba is launching a campaign to bring this unofficial overturning of the historic Voting Rights Act to light. SF360 asked the director for a list of who in the world, or the world wide web, is looking into these voting scandals.

Ian Inaba’s top four voting protection-related sites:

1. Project Vote

2. End the Blackout dot org

3. American Civil Liberties Union

4. American Blackout