Killing My Lobster Gets Krunk With Andrew Bancroft

Sean Uyehara November 21, 2006

Andrew Bancroft is 1/2 of Illbilly Productions, 1/45th of Killing My Lobster, the silent partner to Zach Slow, and 100 percent of MC Jelly Donut. He has been making claymation shorts and has created perhaps the quintessential rap video, “Maximum Wage.” He is the director of Killing My Lobster’s recent musical “KML Faces the Music” (extended from Jan. 5th to the 21st at ODC). He claims to be the son of an ex-pool hustler and a Catholic nun. So, he’s probably also a liar.

He agreed to sit down and answer a few questions.

SF360: Do you mind if we start with a two-part question?

Andrew Bancroft: Well, that’s your first question and it only had one part. Trippy.

SF360: How is everything going? Enough about you, what is Zach Slow up to these days?

Bancroft: Aw man, Zach is straight chillin’. We share a luxury suite (read: basement apartment) in the Haight. He’s got a great creative brain that’s always scheming. Now that his vibrator-smoothy maker is almost finished, you’ll be seeing another crazy project on the web from Mr. Slow soon. It’s gonna blow up, 4 rizzle. Bigger than Care Bears.

SF360: I noticed you were on the date with Zach Slow and Lady Sovereign. Did she ask you to freestyle? Can you freestyle without a huge jelly donut costume on?

Bancroft: Yo, she was scurred. I had about two bottles of champagne on the yacht and then challenged her to a battle. I spit out some donut nonsense and she was all, ‘Me con’t bloody undahstand wha you fuh-ing tryin ta say, wanker.’ So I was like, ‘Speak English please.’ And she’s all, ‘Tally-ho wif me arse in me biscuit, so don’ be a titch wif a batty blah blah blimey blokey-do.’ Long story short, she wouldn’t rhyme. She was cranky. I’m not one to start beef, but she did say some bullshit about my man Slow, so don’t be surprised to hear a Donut track starting trouble wif the midget.

And freestyling in the donut suit is a sweaty mess… it’s like rhyming from inside a 40 lb. couch cushion.

SF360: Jelly Donuts aren’t too nutritious. Are you worried about setting a bad example for the kids? What other kinds of foods or food groups do you think should freestyle? If possible, answer these questions as if you were Zach Slow.

Bancroft: Wait. Not nutritious? Donuts? Dogg, that just goes to show you that there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. It’s like, first you hear that the president is a dim-witted, illiterate puppet. Then you hear that he’s actually a lying, power-hungry devil. I mean, which one’s true?

SF360: This isn’t a question. Just thought you should know, it looks like you are raspberry.

Bancroft: Different mood, different flavor of jelly:

Reflective = Raspberry
Amorous = Lemon
Krunk = Boysenberry

SF360: A Reuters reporter has established a virtual news desk within the massively multiplayer online role-playing game — or MMORPG — Second Life. Was this innovative or could you see this coming from a mile away?

Bancroft: I don’t watch Star Trek.

SF360: What do you think Zach Slow would say about this?

Bancroft: Coincidentally, Zach Slow’s real initials are M.M.O.R.P.G. (Marshall Mathers Obi Redman P-ditty Gangsta).

SF360: Did you write the music for the KML show?

Bancroft: I work with a talented composer named Olive Mitra. I wrote a lot of the lyrics and melodies and Olive added drum parts, strings, etc. I played the songs on guitar during early rehearsals, and by the time we hit the stage Olive and his band had the songs really funked out. Hella dope.

SF360: How does Kenny Taylor figure into all of this?

Bancroft: Kenny T is one of the guys who pulled me back into comedy. He was doing a show about five years ago and I played a character named Bitch Monkey. >From there, we started Illbilly Productions, doing live shows like Late Night with God and video stuff like the first Jelly Donut madness. He and I are finishing up our biggest film project “Evolution: The Musical” which will be out in 2007. Kenny’s hilarious. We do some projects together and others separately, but we’re homies first and foremost. He ai-aight.

SF360: This is supposed to be a film website, so I feel that I need to establish your credentials at this point. Please quickly explain depth of field and define the so-called “circle of confusion.”

Bancroft: Never went to film school, but I got street cred. Remember all those people that got shot during Halloween in the Castro? Well, don’t say nuttin’, but I know a guy who worked with this other guy who said he knew this chick who went on a Craigslist date with this dude who actually heard the shots. Straight gangsta.

SF360: If you would like to add anything, now’s your chance.

Bancroft: Cool. 523 + 76 = 599

Other than that, keep ya eyes peeled for some more Jelly D shizzle in the near future. And oh, my moms really was a nun. Seven years. And my dad hustled pool in LA for years. Someday, I’m going to write a screenplay about how they met. 4 real.

SF360: Thanks, and say ‘Hi.’ to Zach Slow for me.

Bancroft: Dude, you can just raise $10,000 if you want a one-on-one date with him. I think he’d be down.