Words from Sundance Staffers: Natalie Mulford

Hilary Hart January 27, 2010

What is your job at Sundance Film Festival?
Print traffic coordinator.

What do you do the rest of the year?
Publicity for films and festivals!

Why did you decide to start working at Sundance Film Festival?
I had worked for several other festivals and wanted to see what the coup de gras of fests would be like. Plus, it was a chance to learn how to snowboard.

What film are you most looking forward to seeing at Sundance Film Festival?
Well, of course there is RUNAWAYS, which should be great. A friend of a friend made DOUCHEBAG. With a name like that you can’t go wrong.

How many films do you hope to see?
At least one-two a day.

What are your strategies for selecting which films to see and getting into screenings?
I’ve heard you can always get the buzz from the day before, and those are the ones to hit. Also, as print traffic we sometimes have to wait for the film to finish, so we watch from the booth sometimes with the projectionist.

How does Sundance Film Festival differ from other film festivals that you have attended or worked at?
The fact that it’s a ‘destination’ festival makes it different, for a start. No one is really at home here, so it seems like there’s both a sense of confusion and luxury of folks being on vacation in this beautiful spot. Also, everyone’s heard of it, so there’s a bit less explaining when people ask what my job is.

If you have to choose between going to a film or a party how do you decide what to do?
Some of these films play 5 or 6 times throughout the festival, so there’s usually another screening. In terms of parties, I have to pace myself, so it depends on how early I have to be up the next day.

How do you deal with the cold and altitude in Park City?
I lived in Massachusetts for 12 years, so I have a huge coat, lots of long underwear, and waterproof snow boots. The first day I was here I was popping aspirin every few hours, which seemed to help. Also, a friend told me to bring a travel humidifier, which I spent 50 bucks on. It seems to be helping. Also AIRBORNE!

Will you be back for next year?
I’m hoping so. Some of my cohorts have been here for over a decade, which sounds pretty nice.

Hilary Hart, who annually holds down the late-night shift at the Egyptian at the Sundance Film Festival, will be offering interviews with fellow workers from the San Francisco Bay Area during the course of the festival.