Heavy hitter 'Dancing Merengue Dog' enjoyed wild success on the Internet.

Film 2010: YouTube, WeTube

Susan Gerhard December 22, 2010

Eight million viewers can't be wrong, or can they? In SF360.org's annual survey of film professionals, bloggers and fans, we asked for a best or worst "online-only" video. We didn't predict most respondents would put their chosen short in both categories at the same time. Viral video: plague or unmitigatable pleasure? You decide. We present SF360.org's first collection of Bay Area online hits, from birthday dreaming to doggie dancing. (Note: In keeping with v.v. form, titles retain their original spelling and punctuation.)

When does a dream become a nightmare?
"Same difference with this one."
—Mike Keegan, Roxie Theater

VIDEO ROOM 1000 COMPLETE MIX—All 1000 videos seen in sequential order!
"I am sitting in a video room..."
—Brian Darr, HELLonFRISCObay.blogspot.com

Sugar Slam's Toy Drive
Bed Intruder Song
"Each of these is equally the best and worst links in the entire world."
—Sean Uyehara, Programmer, San Francisco Film Society

Tindersticks: Falling Down A Mountain: Tivoli
—Steven Jenkins, Deputy Director, San Francisco Film Society

McNugget Rampage Remix (With Sound)
—Marc Huestis, Impressario/Filmmaker

Crow vs Cat vs CatFight!!!
(Editor's note: Unfortunately, no longer available.)
—James T. Hong, filmmaker

Presidential Reunion (Funny or Die)
—Jeffrey M. Anderson, Combustible Celluloid

Dancing Merengue Dog
"Over 8 million views."
—Michael Hawley, film-415

Bed Intruder Song (see above)
Football Epic Fail
—George Rush, Law Offices of George M. Rush

This Is How Michael Caine Speaks - The Trip - BBC Two
"I don't know if this counts, but I have watched this approximately 10,000 times."
—Cheryl Eddy, SF Bay Guardian